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View Full Version : Joint PC/Mac democompo?

12-02-2003, 22:29
With more and more "switchers" out there (Myself being one of them ;) ) the appearance of Macintosh demos (and intros) has become a real possibility. Where should we place these contributions? Feel free to post your comments here.

13-02-2003, 20:52
I don't see a single difference between macs and pc's that are significant enough to justify to put them into different demo-categories. I'd be interested in the arguments of those who do :)

17-02-2003, 14:39

What about some constitutional rules?

"All computers are created equal" etc. etc..

18-02-2003, 19:18
For the intro contest, you would have to take into consideration the larger size of OS X executables, comlied under Project Builder, remeber that all content is bundled in a MyApp.app directory.


26-02-2003, 14:42
would have been uncool if a mac-demo actually won, and the democommunity wouldn't be able to see the winnerdemo coz it's mac.
there's perhaps not a very big architectural difference between mac and pc, bit there is a quite big difference in the amount of sceners having pcs and sceners having mac. so the question is whether you should use the architecture of a machine as criteria (in which you should allow for example xbox in the demo compo), or whether you should use the alternative platform for all platforms not having a large amount of sceneactivity, regardless of architectural concerns.

26-02-2003, 18:18
The entries will be taped for later enjoyment.. This means that everybody will be able to see all the entries, even though it's not in real time.. :)

13-03-2003, 19:51
Well i have one thing to say when it comes to this. i would be rather dissapointed if i could not see macitosh ppl compete with the PC-guys. And that includes myself even though if I am compeeting I will be the bottom of the well.

26-03-2003, 17:00
Of course Mac demos should compete together with PC demos - who writes demos in assembler anyway these days? (I donīt know, never coded a line of anything more advanced than VB and Bash hihi )

With OpenGL and the nice cards on recent macs (9700 Pro or GF4) they can run anything 3D as fast as any PC and the PowerPC isnīt that bad with the AltiVEC unit (if you can code decent routines for it though).

This could really show that the Mac can be used for more "underground" things than just Photoshop and sound/video stuff...