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View Full Version : The KANDU bus

29-01-2002, 12:16
Just a reminder that tickets to the KANDU-bus are sold through www.partyticket.net this year.
Remember to read the list of things you are allowed to bring onto the bus on www.gathering.org.

If you show up at the bus stop with more than you are allowed to, you have to arrange transportation for this yourself.

PS. mailing or phoning me when the tickets are all sold out, will not help you. I don't have any tickets this year.

Onkel Ballong
09-02-2002, 13:15
Can you rent the KANDU bus for transports to other parties ?
After TG that is :D

09-02-2002, 17:58
Yes you can. Check out http://www.kandu.no for more information.