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The Gathering
16-11-2009, 21:21

Info-crew consists of four different sub-crew:

Info:Content - Publish content to i.e. gathering.org
Info:Desk - Responsibility for the desk
Info:Press - Responsibility for all contact with the press
Info:Systems - Responsibility for most of the systems used by the crew at The Gathering, i.e. wannabe.gathering.org, the Cola-boards and the SMS service

The main function of the Info crew is to bring information, in the best way possible, to other crew, to the press and to the participants. This is done trough several channels like websites, information boards, bloggs, press releases and information from Info:Desk. Most of these systems are developed and administrated by Info:Systems.

Les hele saken på gathering.org / Read the entire article at gathering.org. (http://www.gathering.org/tg10/no/news/166/65/Info-crew/)