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View Full Version : Invitation demo released

The Gathering
26-11-2009, 18:50
The invitation demo for The Gathering 2010 has now been released! This is the demoscene way of inviting people to the party. The demo is made by Outracks.

Download the executable version (ftp://ftp.gathering.org/TG/2010/Invite/outracks_submerged_tg10_invitation.zip) (12 MB, requires DirectX 10) or the video version (ftp://ftp.gathering.org/TG/2010/Invite/outracks_submerged_tg10_invitation_720p_hq.avi) (241 MB).

If you want to give your feedback to the creators, you can do so at pouet.net (http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=54118) or the gathering.org forum (http://forums.gathering.org/showthread.php?t=7142).

Les hele saken på gathering.org / Read the entire article at gathering.org. (http://www.gathering.org/tg10/no/news/172/65/Invitation-demo-released/)